Where I’ve Called

In 1997, Susan and I discovered English Country Dance.  I started calling dances in 2001 as an apprentice, and on a fairly regular basis in 2002.  But I actually had my first experience calling in 1998 during the weeks leading up to the New York Playford Ball.  A few of us “newbies” met at the home of Gail Guillet in Park Slope, Brooklyn to rehearse for the upcoming ball.  We had the dance steps.  We had the tape of the music.  But no one thought of asking a caller to come by and help us.  We looked at each other for a moment and I realized then that I knew the dances, so I said something like, “okay, lets take hands four,” and off we went.


There have been many places that I’ve called since then.  This is a relatively new site, and I’m working on the list.  It will probably be here soon.

Thanks for looking, check back again.